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Edit your on-page SEO and data without access to your CMS with WebSpec. Edit and add meta data, social data and structured data - faster than ever before!
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After utilising WebSpec we’ve cut down on the time spent optimising our metadata, making sure our website ranks higher in organic search, as well as helping out with paid search visibility. 

This tool is a must for SEO agencies and consultants.

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You’ll get started in no time! Simply fill out the signup form and verify your account. We will help you through your first steps. Oh and also, we have a 7-day free trial period, no credit card needed!

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Creating a new project is as easy as adding your sitemap url. Once you’ve created the project, our crawlers will take care of the rest. So sit back and enjoy a hot cup of java!

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We pride ourselves on making SEO management & optimization as easy and feasible as possible. Why spend hours in your backend, when you can make the same changes for a fraction of the time?

Implement using tag manager

Webspec is not dependent on any Content Management Systems (CMS). You can easily implement it using a tag manager of your choice.

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If you’re not sure on what to fix on your site's on-page SEO, you can reach out to us and book a meeting with one of our SEO specialists.